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Petition ID 4934: Maiko's Pan Story Shows Up Without Having Taken Her Class
Submitted Thu, 19 Jul 18 18:37:30 +0000

The cue to start the Maiko pan quest ("Where is it? WHERE IS IT?") was active in Kittania, despite how I've never attended Maiko's cooking class. I visited the academy to see if it would give me the first lesson or if it would go right into the quest- it went right into the quest. After completing it I checked the academy again- it then showed the text for taking the class for the first time.

This seems like it shouldn't be allowed to happen, given how the quest mentions you having been taking her class for weeks beforehand. I assume the cue to start the quest will show up after a certain number of DKs, or possibly after asking the Watcher about her sweatshirt on the failboat- either way, the point is that it does not check to make sure you've actually taken a class and met Maiko before allowing the quest to begin.
Not that it's game-breaking in any way, but it is a noticable detail, which could put somebody through Maiko's events before they actually get to see who Maiko is.

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