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Petition ID 4690: Icon/Background Color Mismatch
Submitted Fri, 09 Feb 18 04:32:34 +0000

What: If you're using Vertical, but your color scheme is anything except Purple, the bar up top will be the chosen color, but the Improbable Island logo will use the Purple variant upon logging in or out of the game.

The end result looks like this: (Blue background, purple Island logo)

How: Switch to Vertical in-game and change your color to anything except Purple. Then log out of the game. The Island Logo will be replaced with the purple variation, regardless of the background color.

This also works in reverse. While logged out, choose Vertical from the left sidebar and change to any color other than purple. Upon logging in, the Island logo will change to the purple variant.

Where: Anywhere, since it's a skin issue and stays in effect until the color is rotated.

When: Tonight's update that added the new Horizontal skin, roughly about 40-45 minutes ago from the submitting of this report.

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