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Petition ID 4678: Robot No Option to Cool Down
Submitted Sat, 03 Feb 18 19:30:10 +0000

What: After being Failboated as a Robot and returning to the Island, sometimes there is no option to 'cool down' (and in fact, internal temperature is displayed as empty), but when you get into a fight you immediately melt down on the first turn.

How: I'm not entirely certain, as I've seen inconsistent reproducibility, which is why I haven't brought it up yet. But, I suspect it *may* be when dying either due to overheating or specifically *not* due to overheating, i.e. if I die when I would have taken overheating damage, it carries over to the new round? I don't know, I'm mostly guessing due to the inconsistent reproducibility.


When: It's been going on for a loooong time, I don't remember the first instance of this happening to me. It might be an elusive bug that's been around since the dawn of Robots and never been noticed, I'm not sure.

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