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Petition ID 4559: "Ignore" or "Opt In" list for Place Beacons
Submitted Sat, 14 Oct 17 16:41:19 +0000

Not really a problem, but I suspect it could be. With the extension of the place beacons (which is really nice) I'm imagining that there might be some people who want to limit who actually comes to their place. Sometimes people come to private places and cause trouble. Or maybe someone wants just a group of friends to have easy access, but doesn't want the entire island to be able to come on board.

So I'd like to propose two possible solutions, which could be separate or done together if it's feasible to program.

- "Opt In" list for using the teleporter beacon. Have an option at the place that you can toggle on or off. "Off" means that the place is universally accessible when a teleporter beacon is activated at the place. "On" means that the creator (i.e. anyone with a Key of Keys) can list contestants separately. If it is selected, these contestants (and anyone with a Key of Keys, as I think it'd be exploitable if you could lock someone else out with a key) are the only ones in which the teleport link appears or is accessible from the OST menu.

-'Ignore" list. This is more universal for places, though could work for teleporters only. The thoughts are that even after kicking a player, players can re-enter the places and there might be some people who are just chronic trouble makers. Having people with a Key of Keys able to have an Ignore list fixes this and it seems like it'd be simple enough. Just have the place appear locked to anyone on the Ignore list from the game map.

I'm not a programmer, so I don't know which of these (or both) are the most feasible but thought I'd put the suggestions out there. Thanks!

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