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Petition ID 4522: Custom race/species doesn't work when hidden from mouseover
Submitted Fri, 15 Sep 17 21:01:38 +0000

I've set "Joker" as a custom species, but my bio shows my species as "Squat", which I'm playing as in-game. When I choose to show my species in my mouseover, it switches immediately to "Joker" in both mouseover and bio; if I then hide my species from my mouseover, it switches back to "Squat" in my bio. It still says "Joker" in Customise Character throughout. It's a small enough problem that I'm assuming it's just gone unreported - I can't imagine many people set a custom species and don't want to show it off in their mouseover.

HOW: Set a custom species, hide it from your mouseover, check your bio.
WHEN: It's been like this for months at least.

(Also, an inconsistency that may or may not want changing: in Customise Character it's referred to repeatedly as "Species", but in bios it's under "Race".)

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