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Petition ID 4471: Gift system message sent during midnight reverted to LoGD text in email only
Submitted Fri, 28 Jul 17 20:56:01 +0000

Someone sent a chronosphere to an alt of mine (Karen, id 226157) at 8pm server time. The gift arrived fine, the Distraction I viewed in-game afterwards was totally normal, but in my email inbox it says:

New LoGD Mail (Someone sent you something awesome!)

You have received new mail on LoGD at http:///var/www/

From: The Green Dragon
To: Karen
Subject: Someone sent you something awesome!
Someone has used the Gifting Station in Common Ground to send you something. Whatever it is, it'll turn up on your next new Game Day.
Do not respond directly to this email, it was sent from the game email address, and not the email address of the person who sent you the message. If you wish to respond, log into Legend of the Green Dragon at http:///var/www/ .

You may turn off these alerts in your preferences page, available from the village square.


If I remember to, I'll test the theory that a gift sent at midnight will always cause this to happen.

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