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Petition ID 3796: Are they married or not?
Submitted Sun, 08 May 16 14:12:21 +0000

I arranged a marriage between two of my characters, Krell and Teetz, and now I've discovered a weird bug. Krell's in divorce sorrow, and can propose, get a ring, etc, in the chapel in Kittania. Teetz is married, and gets bonus for being Krell's spouse. When I go to the chapel in Kitt on Teetz, the only offered option is to get a divorce. Neither Krell or Teetz's bio page will show spouse, even if I enable this on both in the preferences, and I am unable to find the list of married couples anywhere (at least on these two characters). I have no idea how to make it happen again. There's no specific page this happens on, really. I have no idea when this started.

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