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Petition ID 3179: You have been rescued from Down Below! Or not.
Submitted Tue, 01 Sep 15 21:07:20 +0000

Szara Kryik saved me from Down Below. On the page that says "You have been saved from Down Below!" and that has the "Head back up above" link, there was also a link "See full map". I clicked the latter. Then I was rescued/healed but still walking around on lvl 10. No "Head back up" link.

What else happened before:
Szara Kryik picked me up on lvl 12, then dropped dead on lvl 10. Picked me up again, and I kept hitting Refresh while being carried around. The game kept counting up 'Squares Explored' with each Refresh.

What happened next:
According to game stats, a new DB session starting at 0 monsters killed, with me beginning on lvl 10. I tried to walk out, dropped dead on lvl 9, and then weirdness ensued again:
I hit Refresh, ended up on the Failboat, tried to post in Banter, but sending the message reloaded the page and I was in Pleasantville. (Lvl 8 exit to where Szara had carried me way earlier.) I entered a place with a bed before NewDay, so definitely not NewDay that brought me off the Failboat.
Epitome of weirdness: Szara Kryik told me he'd picked up my dead body again.

The Failboat issue could be related to "Petition ID 2428: Down Below Bug", but the "See Full Map" issue goes beyond that.

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