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Petition ID 2668: Down Below problems
Submitted Thu, 22 Jan 15 02:51:32 +0000

Basically, what is happening is a double K.O. against a Foebot causes me to be alive and dead, but only notifies me of this when I try to travel. Once I do try to move body is placed on the ground and I'm unable to move at all, even though it gives me the option to. My health being at zero seems to be what makes it so I am unable to move. However, being a Robot allows me to repair and thus I can move freely again. At that point I can pick up my own body and walk around as if it were just any normal body I was carrying. Though I didn't test this just now, I recall other times when this happen and I try to place my body down the game doesn't load and I need my navs reset to do anything. Anyways, I'm able to replicate it multiple times on a single floor, but I can't manage to get my body in the same square twice.

While I'm at it, I was very pleased with the chat fix where you talk and the Foebots move, but it still happens when you do just about anything else. The new Switch to Player/Character Chat lets them move, going into your inventory, and picking up scrap (Though that seems purposeful). The only other thing that doesn't let them move is the Robot config/cool off/heal pages.

And my final bug report is of a scrap limit. Earlier today I was farming some scrap and ended up getting somewhere between 700 and 1000. I don't know that exact number but at some point every last one vanished. I'm assuming this is on purpose, but it seems unfair to me, I had several rare scrap on the ground and was excited to bring up my hoard.

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