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Petition ID 2649: Stox in the HoF: Longest Time errors?
Submitted Thu, 15 Jan 15 18:15:01 +0000

I logged out last night with Stox attached to my neck, pleased that I was able to keep it for more than five minutes without Omega around to snatch the wriggler from my euphoric system. When I logged on today, I ascertained I still had it, for a streak of around 6-7 hours until Vuk "rescued" me from it.

However, the Hall of Fame has not updated to show this accomplishment, and still shows my previous record of 2 hrs., 22 mins. I know I was behind Quinn yesterday in Totals, to verify, and she was at 13 hrs., 50 mins. total, and I'm at 17 hrs. total. So that's at least 3 hrs., if nothing else, but still not showing.

Is there a time delay bug in the HoF, or just a lost record? I always noticed it's a bit slow to update, but this time really feels bad to me.

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