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Petition ID 251: Dead but walking on the map.
Submitted Tue, 22 Nov 11 23:22:33 +0000

WHAT: Players with 0 hitpoints won't get send to the failboat until they enter town.

HOW: If you're fighting in a breached outpost (or against a Titan) and you win the battle by a mutual KO, the game considers you dead but doesn't bring you to the failboat. You can walk clear across the map and when you try to enter a town, the game will immediately send you to the failboat. This is VERY confusing if you don't know about this bug (and brought a medkit).

What should happen when you win a battle by mutual KO, is the whole 'eat a mushroom and carry on living with a single hitpoint', but it doesn't happen during a breach.

WHEN: Ever since Onslaught was introduced. And Titans.

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