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Petition ID 2474: Titan Kill not registering/malfunctioning
Submitted Tue, 21 Oct 14 05:23:18 +0000

Player Kratargon found and attacked a Titan two clicks north and one west of CyberCity 404. Upon being defeated, he announced in the public chat that there was a Titan with only 600 HP left in that spot. I rushed and was first to the scene. I applied the use of one BANG grenade and it gave me a message telling me the Titan had been defeated and how the Watcher smiled from offshore. I did not receive a message upon its defeat. Instead, I clicked away and the titan was still there. I went back and the Titan had 140 health remaining. So, I attacked again. When prompted by the 'Titan defeated!' screen, I clicked out again. This happened again. I traveled back to Cyber City, then back to the Titan. Upon reaching the Titan, another player had come along and killed it. This is the only known occurrence of the problem that I know of.

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