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Petition ID 2328: Suggestion: Eboy's: move Smile Drops down the list so that we can see grenades etc without scrolling
Submitted Fri, 29 Aug 14 17:30:37 +0000

Smile Drops are (at the moment) really expensive and thus probably not the first or commonest thing that many people will be buying or selling. (I'm hazarding a guess that they're aimed at the older players with lots of HP, rather than at the newer players who haven't done too much Gauntlet stuff.)
I think it would make sense to move them lower down the list of items on display, maybe even to the bottom with the Teleporters, so that we can see at a glance how many of the often-bought Grenades are available, and only have to pgdn once or twice to see medkits etc.
This may resolve itself in time when there's a bigger supply of the Smile Drops from Supply Crates, but right now I'm finding myself doing a lot of scrolling in my shopping sessions.

Click into any Eboy's, look at the main with-icons list of stuff for sale.


Presumably since Smile Drops came out?

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