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Petition ID 1767: Cigarette shortcut (!) is not user friendly on every platform!
Submitted Sat, 02 Nov 13 00:07:32 +0000

WHAT?! The problem indeed! Which happen to be the "smoke a cigarette" Shortcut which is the exclamation point (!) !

Happen on my cellphone, when I'm in an outpost, writing anywhere and want to write an exclamation point, instead of writing it, it goes for the short cut and makes me smoke a cigarette! Wasting the precious resource!

HOW?! I own a Motorola Cellphone, Model MB525 with Android version 2.2.1. I use the built-in internet browser.

there is no WHERE AND HOW! Oh noes!

Anyway. So there it is... Every time I try t do !, it does the shortcut instead of writing it.... Which makes me rather unhappy.

By all means! it doesn't destroy all my joy of playing this wonderful game! Nor it's game breaking! But just annoying.

That is all.


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