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Petition ID 1750: Cobblestone Cottage and Windows 8
Submitted Tue, 22 Oct 13 01:47:40 +0000

I'm a supporter of the World Community Grid and before I replaced my computer tower everything worked fine between me, WCG and team Improbable Island's Distributed Supercomputer.

After getting settled with the new pc system, I wasted no time downloading all the stuff I needed to help the Impossible Island team and the Fight Aids @ Home project.

Being that my infernal machine is running 8, I had to download a version from Berkely...? (Damn imps) The WCG claims I've been generating points for the team and I HAVE resubmitted my authorization to the Cottage.

Unfortunately, Jake is still not recognizing me when I check in. (I resubmitted info this last Friday.)

Am I running the wrong program? Need some clarification for those of us running Windows 8.

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