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Petition ID 168: Pack monsters deplete stamina for each monster in pack for each round
Submitted Wed, 02 Nov 11 19:31:44 +0000

WHAT: Ever since Pack monsters came out, people have been mentioning that they cost a lot more stamina to fight. (They also give a carcass each, and possibly recharge the chempack each, but those are bonuses, not problems.) I tracked the numbers, and it appears that for each round of combat with a pack, you are charged stamina for fighting every member of the pack, even though you can only attack one at a time. This applies however many monsters are alive or dead; it takes the multiplier from the start size of the pack.

Fighting the Pyramids (pack size: 8.)
Supposed stamina cost of fighting: 0.058% (Indiscriminate Flailing, no complex fighting)
Starting stamina: 105.44.

(These are the rounded numbers displayed in the normal interface, not the exact numbers of the Stamina screen.)

Round 1: 8 enemies
stamina 105.44 goes down to 104.98 = 0.46

Round 2: 7 enemies left
104.98 - 104.51 = 0.47

Round 3: 6 enemies left
104.51 - 104.05 = 0.46

Round 4: 5 enemies left
104.05 - 103.59 = 0.46

Round 5: 4 enemies left
103.59 - 103.12 = 0.47

Round 6: 3 enemies left
103.12 - 102.66 = 0.46

Round 7: 2 enemies left
102.66 - 102.2 = 0.46

Round 8: 1 enemy left
102.2 - 101.73 = 0.47

8 rounds of combat
Total stamina loss 3.25%

For the displayed stamina cost of 0.058% per round of combat, 3.25% should have lasted for 56 rounds.

So, in each of the eight rounds of combat, my stamina depleted by eight times the supposed cost. That's a total of 64 times displayed cost. Assuming that I should have been charged for just eight rounds of combat, that is 56 times the displayed and expected stamina cost. (cost = n(n-1) )

For an established player this is a not insignificant irritant. For rookies, I have seen mention of losing 25% of their usable gameday stamina in one fight, which could mean just one or two fights per gameday with really bad luck.

HOW: Fight until you find a pack monster, e.g. Droogs, Wild Horses, Pyramids.

WHERE: Jungle fights, travel fights and Failboat fights.

WHEN: Since Pack monsters came out.

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