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Petition ID 150: List Contestants shows Location as "places_[PlaceID]_[RoomID]" rather than place name.
Submitted Tue, 01 Nov 11 00:26:58 +0000

The List Contestants page used to actually report the building name (and then a room ID, which wasn't necessary). Now, it lists the place ID and room ID. Unless you've memorised (or can look up) all the place IDs, that means you can't find who's where. Also, it's ugly.


Worthy Level Name Location Race Sex Last On
Yes 12 Zolotisty places_6_4721(Online) Joker Female Today
Yes 9 analytical Buddleia places_437_2099(Online) Joker Female Today
Yes 11 Rookie Beta Test Alt places_437_2104(Online) Human Male Today

(Minor tangential issues: yes, it does display the "(Online)" with no space after townname or placename.
And incidentally, on a "who is online now" list, it seems a little pointless to have a "last on" column. If that could be retained on the contestant search, but removed for the online list, that would be nicer, in my opinion.)

HOW: Any town, go to List Contestants.


WHEN: Since Places.

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