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Petition ID 1419: Massive inventory causes nasty badnav: clearing navs doesn't help, only Moderator removing stuff.
Submitted Wed, 20 Mar 13 00:10:12 +0000

What: if your inventory is very very very full, you can get stuck in a Badnav if you try to view your Inventory.

How: have a huge amount of stuff in your inventory. Open your inventory. The tab absolutely refuses to load, and although refreshing several times changes the url to badnav.php, there isn't anything you can see or click on, not even a whitescreen.

Not sure why this happened last night and not any of the previous times; I'm sure I've picked up more than that before now. Also don't know whether it's total or per section weight, or number of items, or number of different kinds of things? I had lots in everywhere but the bandolier (around 4000 each of logs and stone, a Creator Bundle and a Builder's Box worth of gadgets, 200 herbs, 2000 Cards, lots of Mementos, plus Some Of Everything from the Lodge - could well have been more than 10,000 total items in all inventory sections).

Sessine very kindly rescued me by Sheer Moderator Authority of removing items from my inventory, after we found that resetting my navs didn't work: when I reloaded the page, it just put me back into the (still too-big-to-load) inventory screen.

"I think it's to do with the allowed navs being larger than the field in the account record will hold. But I don't know why resetting doesn't take." - Sessine

When: First happened last night, 18th March, for me. But could have been an Ever Since Ever and only now has anyone been daft enough to try to pick up a backpack the size of a whale.


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