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Petition ID 1252: Chat Status Options
Submitted Tue, 18 Dec 12 19:40:42 +0000

WHAT: The chat status options in the help menu specifically, have no color code showing. At the moment, if I notice someone is not white, green, red or orange, I have no idea what it means unless I myself go to one of these and see what color it makes me. I'd prefer if they showed up IN THE COLOR that they represent.


/afk or /brb toggles Away from Keyboard status.
/dni toggles Don't Interrupt status.
/ttm toggles Talk To Me status.


/afk or /brb toggles Away from Keyboard status.
dni toggles Don't Interrupt status.
ttm toggles Talk To Me status.

(or something similar? And they should be whatever color codes those are I can't quite tell which they end up being)

HOW: Check the help screen
WHERE: In the help screen :P
WHEN: for always since they came?
WHY: Cause you love us and want our lives to be better? And cause right now I never use these things cause I have no idea what the colors EVEN MEAN.

Love, Rose <3

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