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Welcome to Improbable Island.

You're watching telly one day, and a bunch of burly men stick a bag over your head and knock you out. When you wake up, you're on a mysterious island.You wander around, bemused, until you stumble upon the main village square.Once there you start asking lots of stupid questions.People (who are mostly naked for some reason) throw things at you.You escape by ducking into a nearby building and find a rack of pamphlets by the door.The title of the pamphlet reads: "Everything You Wanted to Know About the Island, but Were Afraid to Ask."Looking furtively around to make sure nobody's watching, you open one and read:

So, you're a Newbie. Welcome to the club.Here you will find answers to the questions that plague you.Well, actually you will find answers to the questions that plagued US.So, here, read and learn, and leave us alone!"

New Player & FAQ
New Player Primer
Frequently Asked Questions on Game Play (General)
Frequently Asked Questions on Game Play (with spoilers)
Frequently Asked Questions on Technical Issues
Frequently Asked Questions on Marriage

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