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A new thing! And another new thing!
Admin CavemanJoe2016-04-13 19:07:14 [Permalink]
Hey folks! While I was working on Kittania's map I noticed it was a little bare, so I added a thing to Kittania. And that thing got more complex than I thought it would, and spread to AceHigh as well. Check out the Wizard's Sleeve and the Mineral Appraisal Hut!

Wanna know what else is new?



So we'll probably have some kinda fundraiser thing going on at some point soon so we don't starve, but for now I just wanted to OMFG TELL Y'ALL ABOUT THIS BABY I'M GONNA BE A DAD OAHUTNSOEATNDUEOAHTNSUEO (which is what you get when you flail about and mash the home row on a Dvorak keyboard). We're due in the middle of July.

I assure you she does in fact have two arms, it's just that one is pointing towards the ultrasound source as if to say "HEY YOU QUIT JOSTLING ME" so you can kinda see through it. Isn't that an adorable humerus!

Have fun!

Lagniappe, Lies, and Everlovin' Loot
Fully synched Sessine2016-04-07 05:14:37 [Permalink]
Three things.

First, anyone who's an ambitious Place builder is going to covet this month's Monthly Memento, the April Tool. Check out this Enquirer thread here to figure out why. If you aren't an ambitious Place builder yourself, but you know someone who is and might currently be too strapped for cash to afford a donation... well, it would surely make an awesome gift.

Two: can it really be that nobody has yet figured out that "lie that has become a truth"? Honestly, I didn't think it'd be that hard. Come on... I already implied it's related to cigs. Don't be so set in your ways, guys! Try things. Take a fresh look at those assumptions! There's something that's said twice to every newbie. All you veterans have known forever that it isn't true. But now...? well, it just goes to show! I know you can get it. (Or maybe you all did, and nobody told me! That's a possibility too. But if you haven't got it by this time next month, I'll tell you, and you will kick yourselves for not checking that.)

And third, it's about time to remind people that if they have been itching for some physical Island swag to show off to friends, we do have not one, not two, but three Island card decks available.

The Mighty Magpie deck is a fantastic illustrated deck, a collaboration by nineteen different Island artists. Even if you aren't ready to buy right now, you still owe it to yourself to watch this slide show of their art. See the Evil Ventriloquist's Dummy, The Watcher, Mister Stern (look behind him carefully...), and so much more! The three decks also come in a fancy boxed Collector's Set.

Update -- HaHA! I KNEW someone must have got it. Props to Zoinks! Yes, smoking a cig now gives you stamina. Which means... CMJ has a devious, deeevious mind, and there will now be a reason to flirt with addiction, and to use that nicotine gum to get by...
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