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Super Chronospheres!
Admin CavemanJoe2012-08-28 05:47:25
Hey, folks! There's a new feature available now; Super Chronospheres!

A Super Chronosphere works like a normal Chronosphere, except that it starts you off with a 400% Stamina bonus (to clarify: that's in addition to your standard 100% Stamina day).

Super Chronospheres refill once per week, on Thursday mornings. (note to people from the future, reading through the MotD archives now: this is why people are so cheerful on Thursdays. Don't you want to be cheerful on a Thursday too?) All Super Chronospheres in the game get refilled on Thursdays; this means that if you have three Super Chronospheres, and use them all on Wednesday so you've got three empties - well, on Thursday morning you'll have three full Super Chronospheres.

For fairness' sake, Super Chronospheres are limited to three per account. They cost 1,000 Supporter Points (ten bucks to you), but since they're new and shiny, you can have them this week for 800 Supporter Points instead.

Have fun with that!


(oh, a quick reminder; if you're having trouble with the +/- links on the stats section, please clear your browser's cache or hit CTRL+F5 a bunch of times)

UPDATE: you can now buy Chronospheres and Super Chronospheres from the Hunter's Lodge. That means you can buy them for other people!

Collapsible stats
Admin CavemanJoe2012-08-27 05:20:49
Hello, everyone! If the little + and - signs next to your stats don't do anything when you click them, please clear your cache! (or hit CTRL+F5 a few times)

Those little plus and minus signs let you expand or collapse sections of stats. Click the - button once to hide the stat section on this pageload - press it again to make the section remain collapsed on subsequent pageloads. Same goes for the + button - one click to show or hide just this once, two clicks to always show or hide.

This is just a test, so please let me know what you think! Personally I think this will be very useful on the Inventory screen.

Our new Food system is live! Also, ChronoSale! Also, new World Map functionality!
Admin CavemanJoe2012-08-17 04:59:36
Edit: I'm tacking this on to the current MotD because I doubt everyone's seen the news about the Chronosale and the new food system, but hey - go and check your World Map overview, it lists Places now! Buy a Map from the Comms Tent if you don't already have one, it's actually worth the asking cost now.

Original MotD follows!

Obtain Herbs from the Map! Different Herbs grow in different terrain types.

Combine a variety of Herbs in your Pan to boost the Nutrition and Stamina of your Meat! Use your Pan from your Inventory, to cook from pretty well anywhere in the game!

Get upgraded Pans from Maiko's Cookery Academy in Kittania!

Note the new Hunger bar! Overeat to turn it into a Nausea bar!

Have fun! Please report any bugs via Petition.

Also, we're having a sale on Chronospheres! Chronospheres let you save up game days that you don't use, simply by not logging in. Each Chronosphere lets you save up another game day. You start off with two of them; check the New Day Menu to see them. Normally they cost 250 Supporter Points, with an option to refill empties all at once for 10 Supporter Points each. Until Monday, it's only 100 Supporter Points to buy a new Chronosphere, and only 1 Supporter Point to refill them! Have fun with that!


Thought you might like to know what I've been up to lately...
Admin CavemanJoe2012-08-10 18:27:13
Hey, folks. It's been a while.

So I've been working on rebalancing the foods in the various restaurants, and it's kind of snowballed from there.

You'll have the ability to overeat with increasing risk of puking, you'll have new Herbs to gather from the Map, you'll have ten different foods in each Restaurant with five available each day (so it's not just a given that you go straight to Pleasantville for a Mutant Steak every day), and right now I'm working on overhauling the Meat system. Carcass cleaning will only take a single click, Meat can interface with Herbs for a Stamina boost, and larger Pans will be available. Basically I'm trying to make the Meat system more worth-using.

So, yeah. Expect the spangly new Food system within the next week or so!

Have fun!

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