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Staff2022-09-08 14:26:39 [Permalink]
Hey all! Nerv is in school, which means I suddenly have ALL THIS TIME to work on Island stuff, so in the absence of emergencies the Down Below refresh will be released early next week. I wanna do it early in the week so I'll have the advantage of ALL THIS TIME to work on whatever inevitable bugs spring up.

(it would've been this week, but we had yet another plumbing emergency; my pipes have been corroding from the inside and developing pinhole leaks on the regular. I'm firing up the blowtorch two or three times a year. None of my neighbours are having this problem and I'm at the point where I'm researching debunked theories about ground/neutral bonding while considering ripping out the whole lot and repiping with PEX.)

Because Nerv's in school, and the bus drivers are overwhelmed because their employers are total shits, this month's Monthly Memento is the Screwed Driver! Summon a bus any time in combat. The longer it takes the bus to show up, the more of a hurry the driver will be in, and so the harder it'll run over the monster you're fighting.

Have fun!

EDIT 2022-09-08 17:45 UTC: The Queen has died. Please be sensitive about it in chat; even if you don't think it's important, there are tens of millions who do.

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