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Chemical Pack update + general mobile improvements
Staff2022-06-30 20:57:36 [Permalink]
Hey folks, the Chemical Pack implant has had a little aesthetic update - I've added its links to the quicknav blocks on mobile, and its various meters are now shown on your combat card too.

This is all part of Operation Make The Island Less Shit On Mobiles, which is an ongoing process. Expect to see the rest of the Implants and special species-level skills included in quicknavs and combat cards soon. If you've got any suggestions on mobile shittery that especially gets your hackles up, please feel free to Distract me!

Have fun,


Update 2022-06-28: The Skull-Mounted Laser now has quicknav and combat card support too. Also I've rejiggered the quicknav section a bit; it starts at the bottom of the page as before, but now it'll start scrolling and get out of your way if you're trying to get to the regular Actions links.

Update 2022-06-30: On mobile, in places where you can preview text as you enter it, if your mobile keyboard doesn't have the ` key you can type two commas side by side and they'll turn into a ` for colour codes and formatting etc. It'll also jump your cursor to the end of the text box. Not a problem if you're composing a message, but if you're editing something to add a colour, it's a pain in the arse. I fixed this pain in the arse today, so your cursor will no longer jump around while composing a message on mobile using the double-comma trick. I think I'm gonna exclusively use the Island on mobile for a month or so, to teach myself a fucking lesson.

Have fun!

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