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Quicknav for mobile
Staff2022-04-08 21:38:17 [Permalink]
Hey folks, if you're jungling on a phone you'll probably have noticed by now a new feature, which I'm calling Quicknav! It's a menu system designed especially for mobile, and it's part of the ongoing project "Operation Make Island Less Shit On Phones." It provides a three-by-three grid of quick links that are thumb-friendly and immediately visible on the page without having to scroll down or hit the Actions button. I only started work on this very recently, but I'm so excited about it I wanted to show you what it looks like in this early state.

Because many nav links will have to be altered a bit to fit in the Quicknav system, I'm making the decision to add them manually throughout the game, rather than setting up some kinda automated doohickey to hook into our existing nav system - so not all the navs you'll see on a standard page will be available, at least at first. The object is to get the most commonly-hit links visible without having to scroll, and I find it really makes a difference in combat on phones.

We're still planning on doing a server migration late this month or early next; this'll require an uninterrupted block of a few days' time, which I'm still trying to work into the schedule. I'll keep everyone updated on when that's going to happen as I figure it out. As always, if we're ever down, you can check our Fediverse presence for updates.

Have fun!

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