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Mobile updates, Girl Scout Cookies (Update 2022-01-25)
Staff2022-01-25 20:37:06 [Permalink]
Hey folks, there's been some updates to Mobile Beta - if you're playing on a phone, choose it from Display Settings in your Preferences.

I've got some upcoming improvements to the way the World Map displays; those will have to wait until early next week because if I just upload enough to make mobile work, then desktop styling will fuck up hilariously.

Nerv is five years old now, and doing her first sale of Girl Scout cookies! Players in the USA can buy them online at Nerv's shop here. Please choose the shipping option, as we're not driving Nerv all around the country for the sake of a fiver.

There's a new cookie this year called Adventurefuls; I've tried one (they only give you one, 'cause they're top secret) and they're a very chocolatey crumbly biscuit base with an embedded disc of caramelish fudgeish niceness. They're pretty good! What's more, Aldi haven't gotten around to ripping them off yet; I have a feeling the Girl Scouts bakery designed a cookie that would require complex tooling just to slow Aldi down.

Expect more cool mobile improvements soon, and have fun!

Update 2022-01-25: I've pushed the changes up, so if Travel pages look screwy, hit CTRL-F5.
Mobile players will have to re-select the Mobile skin; I've put a link at the top of the Desktop skin, next to the Display menu, to quickly switch to the mobile version. There's also a button at the bottom of the mobile skin to switch to desktop mode.
The World Map overview page (with Places etc) is bollocksed and will be fixed likely tomorrow.

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