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Skin update, finances update, life update
Staff2021-11-30 01:24:26 [Permalink]
Hey folks, I've updated the desktop display skin so that navs are styled a little differently, for the benefit of players on short-screened laptops (like this 768-line pile of misery I'm using right now). The new style has gaps between the nav headings, so that folk can set the top margin to zero and still be able to see a bit more of the background graphics. If you miss the old style, don't worry; it's still available in the Display menu. If you encounter display bugs, a CTRL-F5 or clearing your cache should resolve them.

Emily was involved in a car accident last week and is suffering some whiplash injuries, and we're currently looking for other cars while waiting for the insurance company to tell us whether they're gonna write off the current one or try to fix it. So development is slowed even further (see previous couple of MotD's) and I appreciate your patience during this difficult time. The night before the accident, a long-time player gave a very generous donation that could get us a long way towards a replacement secondhand car; I've put off making my traditional "Oh shit car trouble pls donate" MotD until we get word back from the insurance company about what's what, but they've been bollocking around for nearly a week now so I thought I'd let y'all know what's going on.

EDIT 2021-11-29: December's Monthly Memento may be delayed for a couple of days as we're still running around trying to sort out a replacement vehicle, also long story short: don't buy insurance from Geico. The December MM is turning out to be a good one, very writing-heavy and wholesome, so I hope it'll be worth the wait.

Have fun,

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