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Monthly Memento delay (UPDATE: it's here (UPDATE UPDATE: time/weather integration on beta skin))
Staff2021-09-04 00:19:15 [Permalink]
Hey folks, this month's Monthly Memento will be delayed as Nerv is starting virtual kindergarten and we're cleaning up after a basement flood. I'll have it for you in a few days; in the meantime, donating a tenner or more will get you a Mysterious Blank Item which will eventually change into the Monthly Memento, whatever it ends up being.

Sorry for the delay and have fun,


Update 2021-09-02:
Hey folks, the Monthly Memento for September is the Recycled Crayons. This week Nerv started virtual school (which is a metashambles of supposedly-interacting proprietary systems shepherded by a Technology Integration Specialist, which is like an I.T. person except your job is to try to bully shitty software into talking to other shitty software, try to push hyperactive kindergarteners and furious parents through the resultant shit soup, and die of a stress-induced heart attack before 40) and it's going about as well as could be expected, so this month's Monthly Memento is hastily recycled from a good one I did a few years ago. It's a box of crayons that give different buffs. Use it once a day to get a crayon, and either use the crayon or gift it to someone.

Out of character metanote: All the teachers and support staff are doing the best they can in the situation they're in, and right now the best they can is a complete shambles. That's because they, personally, are a shambles. We've had eighteen months of deadly global pandemic, of course they're a shambles. I'm a shambles. We're all a shambles. Frankly if Nerv's teacher shows up to work vaccinated, uninfected, wearing a mask and at least halfway sober, then I'll give them an automatic C+ just for not actively making things worse. Now is a time to really work out our patience and understanding muscles and give a bit more slack to those who are honestly trying their best. After the shit we've been through, and are still going through, we're all gonna have things we've got to work out. I'm treating those around me with more patience than I would have pre-2020. I hope you're all doing the same.

Once again I urge any remaining unvaccinated Islanders, in areas where COVID-19 vaccines are available, to discuss your hesitation with your doctor. Delta is not fucking around and the longer you wait to make your decision about whether to get covid or the covid inoculation, the less likely it is that you'll be able to make that decision yourself.

Have fun and stay safe,


UPDATE 2021-09-03 02:16 UTC: Yeah I'm not having an MotD disappear after half a day, I'll tack this onto the end. What with Nerv's school and everything else I'm into the "Evenings and weekends" thing for the Island and if you're on the Beta skin you'll notice that time and weather effects are now hooked in and working. Next up I'm gonna start doing the world map terrain integration and then I think we'll be ready to finally take this thing out of beta!

Have fun!

UPDATE 2021-09-04 00:15 UTC: Some dynamic skin integration is now live; click the Display Menu then Colours & Background and under the Dynamic Background Changes heading, click to clear your background selection cookie. The background will then change automatically when in the jungle, outpost, at new day, and when travelling on the map.

(some map squares aren't displaying the correct background, because the world map graphics don't match up with the terrain type used in the backend. This has been going on for years but it flew under the radar because it wasn't terribly obvious. Now that the page background changes to show the type of terrain you're passing over, it's incredibly obvious. I'm gonna have a stroll over the map soon and fix the squares that aren't as they should be)

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