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Small Beta skin updates
Staff2021-08-12 20:19:01 [Permalink]
Hey folks, just keeping you all updated on Beta - today I finally figured out what the heck was up with iPad support of the new Beta skin's background images where combined with CSS variables. This means I could return to an earlier, more flexible way of doing the new themes, which I'd previously abandoned because I couldn't get it to work on iPads.

(I won't bore you too much with the nitty-gritty, but the biggest difference between the two systems was for Place programmers - in one system, they'd be able to choose from a list of themes, and in the other they'd be able to mix and match image and mood gradient sets, with much more variety)

I also added Swamp, Water and Mountain themes, so we have more terrain types covered (I'd like to tie this into travel on the map).

In completely unrelated news, if you have a PS4 then I heartily recommend you grab Ultimate Chicken Horse while it's on sale. The devs aren't paying me to say this, it's just that I haven't had such a good laugh playing a video game in a long, long time.

Have fun,

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