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Mmm, delicious skin
Staff2021-05-18 20:29:01 [Permalink]
Hey folks, more skin updates for you. I've added the Beach variant and a rainy subvariant thereof, and I've started hooking in the raindrops to be addressable (see the skin beta testing area in Outposts to see them in action).

It's nearly time to start putting all these variants together into the time and weather system and having them change dynamically as you move around the game! I'm very excited about this, and particularly about moon phases, as that opens things up to having weird things happen on a full moon, perhaps the Mythical Monsters idea I've been kicking around. Many of the ideas that pop up during development remain in a Some Day pile until another idea pops up that would go well with the first idea, and that's how we end up with no new features for ages and then half a dozen all at once.

Someone in chat mentioned it'd be nice to be able to combine the top half of some skins with the bottom half of others, and that's a thing I'm looking into. We've also identified some bugs with iPads that have been a bugger to fix, because I don't have an iPad. Thanks to the feedback of players who have iPads, we're getting a little bit closer to solving these problems; if you have an iPad and you're willing to put in a few minutes of testing at a time convenient to both of us, please make yourself known to me via Distractions and we'll set up a time to do some testing.

Have fun, and stay tuned for more,

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