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Rainbow Torch update, Code of Conduct update
Staff2021-03-23 01:43:05 [Permalink]
Hey folks, the Rainbow Torch Monthly Memento will now guarantee success in running away from a fight when it's activated!

Also, we've made a couple of minor updates to our Code of Conduct, which are listed in the changelog. The CoC is a living document and it's descriptive of the site's culture at its best rather than prescriptive of how the staff want it to be, so it's gonna update every now and then. If you've already read it then you don't have to read the whole thing again, just have a look at the new stuff described in the changelog.

I'll have a bigger MotD for you in the next few days, it's been a super-busy week (yes I know it's only bloody monday) and there's a load of interesting dev stuff to tell you about yet, but those are the two big ones for today.

Talk soon and have fun!

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