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Bonus Monthly Memento Month, ARSE updates incoming
Staff2020-12-07 17:14:19 [Permalink]
Hey folks, since I'm now Officially Unemployed for the forseeable future and my unemployment is running out later this month - so this month we're doing a Bonus Monthly Memento. Donate $20 and you'll get Solstice Squirrel's 2020 Spectacular AND the Solstice Stats Stuffer Surprise.

We last saw Solstice Squirrel back in 2018, when an unfortunate programming glitch caused her to maul your enemy in a frenzied rage if she couldn't find her nuts - this issue has been corrected, and the new, updated Solly has a much healthier outlook on life. Unfortunately the patch also screwed up Solly's clock so bad that she's never quite sure what year it is, and her history chip has the year 2020 marked as Must Be Destroyed. Use her in combat to roll the dice on whether she'll wish you a happy 20xx or raze everything in sight. After turning off her lasers she'll heal you over and above your maximum hitpoints, because mindless destruction without a plan for rebuilding is kinda how we got into this mess in the first place.

The Solstice Stats Stuffer Surprise is our first flex of our new Arbitrary Roleplaying Stats Engine, and it adds 10 points at random to one of Attack, Defence, Maximum Hitpoints, Bravery, Dexterity or Speed. Today, none of the last three stats have any effect, but stay tuned and we'll see what happens.

As I mentioned in the previous MotD, our new Code of Conduct is live, and the feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive. We really appreciate all your messages of support, thanks, empathy and understanding. You can find our Code of Conduct at this link, and there's also a link below every chatspace.

The next thing we want to do with Arbitrary Roleplaying Stats Engine is vary the monsters a little bit, so I'm making a new monster editor that hooks into all our new features, and then I'm gonna do a sweep through the monsters and give them all a little tweak. Some of them need some more interesting stats, some have jokes that aged badly and need to be rewritten, some would be more appropriate to other levels, and some just need a quick spit-shine. We're easing into Arbitrary Roleplaying Stats Engine slowly, so you might not notice the changes at first, but as we go deeper into figuring out what our Arbitrary Roleplaying Stats Engine can do, we'll probably get a bit more bold and vigorous.

Have fun!

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