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Project Timesten scheduled for 2020-10-10
Staff2020-10-06 20:43:48 [Permalink]
Hey folks! For the last six weeks, I've been working on two things - Arbitrary Roleplaying Stats Engine and Project Timesten.

Arbitrary Roleplaying Stats Engine is a new stats backend for Improbable Island that will expand to fit any future stats we want to incorporate into the game. It can handle anything you wanna stuff into it - bravery, dexterity, speed, luck, whatever.

Project Timesten is what I've been calling my project to multiply all the stats by ten in order to make lower-level fights more interesting and allow for weapons and armour in between the current levels.

Here's the MotD I wrote after we first started thinking about Project Timesten, and here's one from a little later when it became clear it would require building a stats engine, and here's the MotD where the finer points of Arbitrary Roleplaying Stats Engine were discussed. In the MotD after that, I revealed my A.R.S.E. to you all via the new beta server, and after some minor hiccups were ironed out it all seems to be running smoothly.

Your characters will all be stuffed into Arbitrary Roleplaying Stats Engine and have your attack, defence and maximum hitpoints multiplied by ten this coming Saturday, 2020-10-10. There'll be a few hours of downtime, during which time all Improbable Island requests will be redirected to our Fediverse presence. We won't be activating the server shutdown countdown thingy this time as it tends to bollocks up people's quest records, we'll just be going down around 3pm UTC and I'll be in chat to remind y'all.

Because of some edge cases involving the equipment shop resetting stats between DK's, your stats may not end up exactly multiplied by ten. Sheila's maths has been very slightly off for the past twelve years or so, and we're correcting things as we move into the new system so that the discrepancies don't have the chance to get worse. About 0.5% of (mostly high-level) players will end up with slightly weaker stats after the conversion, and around 4% of players will end up with slightly stronger stats.

If you wanna get on the beta server to tell us any last-minute bug reports, now's the time.

Failing catastrophic failure, we'll be ready for ARSEday this coming Saturday!

Have fun!

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