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New Monthly Memento, quick chat upgrade
Staff2020-09-01 17:29:31 [Permalink]
Hey folks, the Monthly Memento for this month will be delayed for a couple of days because I picked up a dishwasher by the sharp bit and moving my fingers keeps reopening them. I'll knock something up once they've had a couple of days to heal. is out now, and it's the TimesTenner! It multiplies your attack and defence by ten, usable once daily.

Yeah, we're doing the multiply-everything-by-ten thing. It's gonna take some tinkering and adjustments, so bear with me for a few days while I sort it out - hopefully we should be on track for early next week.

EDIT 2020-09-04: Having been up to my elbows in this since last week and realising that this isn't gonna be nearly as easy as I'd hoped, and for a bunch of horrible technical reasons I'm not gonna go into but which boil down to "This badly needs rebuilt," I've decided instead to rewrite the stats system (and by that I mean "institute a stats system," because right now there really isn't one, which is part of the problem). I've got a stats storage/retrieval engine coded up over the past couple of days, but before we can go live with it I'll need to go back through the code and update old bits to reference the new engine, and then I'll have to write a conversion program to add up all the old stats and get them entered into the new system - so this ain't gonna be done on Monday. Hopefully we'll get this sorted out within the next week or so.

As a nice side-effect of rewriting the stats engine, though, we'll have the flexibility of easily adding new stats in the future - things like dexterity, weapon experience, perception, speed etc are a lot easier to work with in the new stats engine, which opens the door to further possibilities down the road. We'll also gain the ability to show you a page that tells you where all your points in a given stat have come from - how many you got from Stonehenge, how many you got from the Broth Joker, how many from levels, etc. Furthermore, it opens the possibility of letting you choose how to assign levelling-up points; rather than gaining 1atk, 1def and 10hp per level, you could get a bunch of points to spend on what you fancy. That's a thing that the old system couldn't do, because at every DK it had to try to reconstruct your starting stats based on, for example, your current hitpoints minus (hitpoints times level times ten). I'll do a more detailed MotD about the differences between the old system and the new one soon, once the new one has taken on a bit more shape and colour. Original message follows.

In the meantime, I just added a feature to chat - you'll see a number of unseen chats in your tab header if someone posts while you're looking at another tab.

Have fun!

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