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Jill & The Jokers part 7, new Monthly Memento
Staff2020-07-01 18:09:49 [Permalink]
Hey all - you wanted me to do some writing, so here we go. The Monthly Memento for July is the Carrot Pie, which gives a movement buff and some interesting lore.

The nice thing about British midsummer festival traditions is that they're all completely bonkers and hyper-local. Also, people have been doing them for so long that their origins predate this whole "history" idea, so nobody knows where they came from. So I figured I'd write about Swift Harleen for the Monthly Memento, 'cause it's only appropriate.

Speaking of writing, Jill & The Jokers part 7 is now up! You have to have 2 DKs or greater, have completed Jill & The Jokers part 6, be at level 15, and the game time has to be at night.

Have fun, and except another poll soon!

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