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Jill & The Jokers part 7 is incoming
Staff2020-06-27 20:52:03 [Permalink]
Hey folks - in our last poll, the difference between doing a bug hunt and having a week of story-writing was down to just a handful of points, so I've written Jill & The Jokers part 7.

The requirements for the story will be 3 Drive Kills. It'll be online on Monday.

It's a fairly intense story so I want you to know that if you're not in the mood when it hits you, you can just keep skipping through the scenes without reading, and review it in your Notebook later. I actually started writing this thing just before the Coronavirus outbreak, but figured that people already have enough stress in their lives without me adding to it with a rather dramatic story. So this is me giving you a quick heads-up before it goes live.

In future I'd like to rewrite the story engine to do things like add content warnings, reorder plot events so that they happen a little sooner, give options to replay events, that kind of thing. I think I might work on that next week.

Also, if you haven't seen it already, scroll down to the very bottom of the page in any Outpost to have a look at our new map-based Outpost system! You used to need a special Hunter's Lodge item to see this, but I decided to show it off a bit.

Have fun! We'll do another poll next week on what you think I should do next.

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