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Bugfixes and a preview of new Outposts
Staff2020-06-20 01:34:27 [Permalink]
Please see our previous MotD for a very important message about the current Situation in America, and how you can help. And get Supporter Points for helping.

Since in the last poll y'all wanted me to implement a multiple-eBoy-buy/sell option and then go bug hunting, that's what I've done. In addition to the list of bugs fixed in the previous MotD, I fixed a bunch more, noting down each one as I went - and then we had a power cut, and I didn't save the file in which I wrote down what I'd fixed.

Anyhow, from what I do remember, there were several they-pronoun-related fixes - the game now uses the correct gender pronoun when adding news that the player has defeated their master, and Mike in Squat Hole now correctly calls the player "dickhead" regardless of gender.

I also updated a few things in Cobblestone Cottage in order to fix some issues there, updated the password retrieval system to try to fix a weird and obscure bug, removed targets from FoeBots until the player has visited the Monster Research Lab, solved a new-day infinite loop from the About page, corrected a Mister Stern typo, stopped the Maiko's Pan quest from activating for players who've never met Maiko, reordered some stuff in eBoy's, and fixed a whole bunch of bugs related to the new Outpost system.

And speaking of which, I'd really like for you all to take a look at the new Outpost system. I've removed the requirement to have a Dimensional Shifter in order to see the new versions of NewHome and Kittania - if you go to an Outpost and scroll all the way down the nav stack until you get to "Preview features" and click on "Test new Outpost system," you'll be able to see the new graphical, map-based Outposts that will one day replace the standard one-page Outposts we have now.

Have fun!

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