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New Monthly Memento, couple new features
Staff2015-11-02 05:05:59 [Permalink]
Hey folks - even though things have been quiet up here in the MotD, that doesn't always mean things have been quiet development-wise.

The new Monthly Memento for November is up! Also, Monthly Mementos that are a year old or more are now available in the Hunter's Lodge, for 1,000sp each.

New feature: we've all been in the situation where you're chatting with someone, you get a Distraction, and because the screen automatically jumps to where you're chatting, you miss the notification at the top and the Distraction goes unnoticed for ages. Well, now there's a New Distractions notifier right underneath the chat areas, so you can't miss it!

In other news, I've gone down the Badnav Rabbithole again, trying to finally fix up the nav system to make badnavs a thing of the past. Wish me luck.

Have fun!

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