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50 Emily Bundles now on sale!
Staff2010-08-18 06:42:37 [Permalink]
Hello folks! Just a reminder, today the Emily Bundle goes on sale again - there are fifty Emily Bundles available, and after the last one's gone, that's yer lot. Have fun!

Well, we timed that pretty much perfectly, because five minutes after I posted that announcement, Emily's crappy beloved old Dell laptop (that I've spent hours and hours fixing every sodding time something bloody went wrong with it (seriously, about 90% of the parts in this thing have been replaced at one time or another)) finally puked up blood onto its own motherboard and went to Silicon Heaven. So, this money's going towards a shiny new secondhand laptop off eBay, and then we'll see if we can get the stuff Emily's been working on off her old laptop and onto the Island. Wish me luck.

Okay guys maybe I didn't make that as clear as I could have.

I'm putting the Emily Bundle out again because last time it was out, some people tried to buy it by eCheque (which is where you transfer money from your bank account via PayPal, rather than using a card), which takes a few days to go through - so by the time these people got their points, the Emily Bundle had all sold out. That wasn't really fair, so we did another limited run to give those guys a chance. See the previous MotD for more info on this.

So, if you want the Emily Bundle, giving me twenty-five bucks via eCheque is probably not the best way to get it! Because by the time you get the points - yup! It'll be sold out again! And if I do another Super-Special Limited Run (Last Chance (Honestly Guys I Mean It This Time)), then I'll end up looking like a complete plonker, so I'm not gonna do that.

So! If you want your points straight away so that you can buy the Emily Bundle, use either money that's already in your PayPal account, or use your credit or debit card via PayPal. Thanks!
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