Character Biography: Spinner Damara

Biography for Spinner Damara.

Spinner Damara is a Member to Good Friends and Citizens
Title: Lance Corporal
Level: 7
Restorations: 0
Race: Human
Implant: Spatial Awareness
Riding: None
This player has defeated the Improbability Drive on the following difficulty ranks:

Rank 1: 7 time(s)
Rank 2: 0 time(s)
Rank 3: 0 time(s)
Rank 4: 0 time(s)
Rank 5: 0 time(s)
Rank 6: 0 time(s)
Rank 7: 0 time(s)
Bastard Rank: 0 time(s)
They are currently attempting a Rank 1 Drive Kill.
Their average rank is 1.

Improbability Drive Kills: 7
A Caucasian woman with long, dark brown hair stands spinning in the shade of a tree. On one side of the screen some stats pop up.

Name: Damara
-Unknown middle or last names.
-Stated that she does have a "magical" name, but has yet to say what this name is.

Astrological Sign: Aquarius.
-Damara has said that she was born on Imbloc.

Current form: Human. Longish dark brown hair, stands around 5 foot in height. In outposts and houses she'll strip off her armor and wear a simple knitted dress.

Pre-Island: Says that she came from a Wicca Commune and that she was to be the community's master spinner.
-Is unsure of fighting monsters because of the Wicca Rede. (An' if it harm none, do what ye will.)

Museum MarketeerBearer of the MapCryptic AnswersPinata Punisher
Really Awesome KissPervy Kitten FancierFriend of the Hedgehogs 

Recent accomplishments (and defeats) of Spinner Damara
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