Character Biography: Shingo Mercer

Biography for Shingo Mercer.

Shingo Mercer is a Member to The Watch
Title: Someone had better buy a custom title for
Level: 1
Restorations: 1
Race: Ailuromorph
Implant: Sleep Suppression System
Riding: a lot, on this
Hat Size: 90
Jewelry: Choker, Amulet, Necklace, Bracelet, Ring
Tattoos: tiger, dragon, symbol, rose, swan, heart, star, hummingbird, phoenix, daisy, snake, skull
This player has defeated the Improbability Drive on the following difficulty ranks:

Rank 1: 50 time(s)
Rank 2: 25 time(s)
Rank 3: 25 time(s)
Rank 4: 25 time(s)
Rank 5: 210 time(s)
Rank 6: 34 time(s)
Rank 7: 1 time(s)
Bastard Rank: 1 time(s)
They are currently attempting a Rank 6 Drive Kill.
Their average rank is 4.16.

Improbability Drive Kills: 371
Join date: July 19th, 2010

[02m32s] Admin CavemanJoe says "MERCER YOU DO THAT"

Who even is this guy anymore? What a tool.

Avatar by feve of FA, link below:

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It's a microphone, a professional one, the kind used on the karaoke circuit. Looks like it's been dropped once or twice. Or maybe just one good time.

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1 Point in Dark Horse
This contestant has hidden depths that you'll only find by being close to them.

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