Character Biography: Edith

Biography for Edith.

Edith is a Leader to Good Friends and Citizens
Title: Lady High Badass Supreme
Level: 13
Restorations: 19
Race: Kittymorph
Implant: Spatial Awareness
Riding: Partially-Decomposed Zombie Donkey
Hat Size: 68
Jewelry: Ring
Tattoos: phoenix
This player has defeated the Improbability Drive on the following difficulty ranks:

Rank 1: 11 time(s)
Rank 2: 7 time(s)
Rank 3: 7 time(s)
Rank 4: 7 time(s)
Rank 5: 6 time(s)
Rank 6: 1 time(s)
Rank 7: 0 time(s)
Bastard Rank: 0 time(s)
They are currently attempting a Rank 5 Drive Kill.
Their average rank is 2.82.

Improbability Drive Kills: 39
Tiny and athletically built Edith stands at a proud 5 feet even. She is rather average in appearance, her main features are her hair and freckles. Her hair is starting to grow out to almost shoulder length and has lightened in the sun. It's a auburn color with streaks of dark blonde and lighter brown. She has managed to cut her bangs so they aren't completely in her hazel eyes anymore. Her whole body is speckled with freckles,even more so on her cheeks, shoulders, and knees. She also always has some minor scraps from jungle fights, mostly skinned knees and elbows, a couple of cuts on hands and legs, but nothing serious.

She revamped a pair of unwanted,
orange velvet overalls and cut the legs to make short-alls. She attached several plaid patches to fix them up since she found them in... Not the best state. On the front, right, hip pocket she has stitched in a heart shaped patch. Her craftsmanship on them is still a bit messy, but the legs are even and the patches are staying on. She wears a white shirt on underneath and her old pair of now rather muddy sneakers. She is wearing a phoenix pendant made for her by Dave. It's been seen on occasion fluttering it's wings and she is convinced that it can be a source of heat when she is cold.

She got her favorite tattoo back! It's a large
phoenix on her back. It starts in the small of her back and rises up until the tips of the wings touch the tops of her shoulder blades and the beak is on her neck under her hairline. When kittymorph it is obscured by fur and normally hidden by cloths.

Her house is on 19,15 near the
swamp (You know. That square next to the Bordello? That's my house.). She's still working on it, but so far it's her dream house. (Just, in her dream it wasn't next to a Bordello)

Avatar by Darcy !! (Click Player's Webpage to see full size)

Previous avatar by
Algus Wigs

Edith's items:
- A beautifully made Karambit and stilleto made by
- A
pink scarf knitted by Lloyd
- A lovely shiny
flower brooch from a mysterious Joker

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Cryptic AnswersMuseum MarketeerPinata PunisherMaiko's Meat School
Skronky DisasterPervy Kitten FancierEmily Bundle SupporterReally Awesome Kiss
Friend of the HedgehogsStrategy Seeker  

WAITING trophy
Edith's trophy! She earned it, being the most patient person on the Island!

Red Scarf
A knitted red scarf with Frazzled ends, looks harmless...

Micha's Special Hooch
A wide-mouthed jar filled with potent amber whiskey. Holding it up to the light catches a sparkling glint around the edges.

Just the gift I always wanted...

The Sparkle Unicorn Wedding: A Tale of Two Happy Unicorn Friends
This is a charming picture book, covered in glitter. It simply radiates good cheer and hope. Who knew that unicorns could be quite so fluffy? The inscription inside reads "To Edith, the best Unicorn Bridesmaid EVER. -Micha."

A Statue of the Queen of Rock
A statue of Edith lovingly crafted from slate gray pebbles of fine, river-smoothed volcanic rock.

A simple metal band ring, with a simple red ruby stone set into it.

Awesome Things About This Player
1 Point in Typo-gremlin Target
"What?! I have fat fingers"and hilarity ensues.

1 Point in Dependable Friend
Need a place to crash, a drink to quench your thirst, a bandage in that hard-to-reach spot? You know who to call.

1 Point in Open Mind
But not so open their brains fall out.

1 Point in Lovable
you don't know what's so great in them, but you can't stop the fuzzy feelings.

1 Point in Modest but Awesome
Refuses to acknowledge their amazing-ness.

Recent accomplishments (and defeats) of Edith
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