Character Biography: Buddleia

Biography for Buddleia.

Buddleia is a Founder to Good Friends and Citizens
Title: Someone'd better buy a custom title for
Level: 8
Restorations: 692
Race: Seems human enough.
Implant: Chemical Pack
Riding: a frequently-absent kittybike, Thunder
Hat Size: 93
Jewelry: Amulet, Bracelet
Tattoos: hummingbird, tiger
This player has defeated the Improbability Drive on the following difficulty ranks:

Rank 1: 1 time(s)
Rank 2: 4 time(s)
Rank 3: 7 time(s)
Rank 4: 12 time(s)
Rank 5: 80 time(s)
Rank 6: 11 time(s)
Rank 7: 2 time(s)
Bastard Rank: 4 time(s)
They are currently attempting a Rank 6 Drive Kill.
Their average rank is 4.88.

Improbability Drive Kills: 121

Buddleia looks human. Nothing very remarkable about her.

Age 30. Just taller than average (5'8, or 172cm). Brown eyes, and glasses. Hip-length fluffy browny-blondy hair, often tied back. Solidly built and decently muscled.

She wears practical clothes -- boots, trousers and shirt, plus some armor from Sheila's -- and always carries a well-stocked backpack and well-supplied bandolier, full of the various tools of her trades. There's a clan badge pinned to the top right pocket, but no other shinies visible.

Avatar by Shi:

On the Island, Buddleia is a determinedly normal person. She likes tea, reading, cooking, gardening, and cats. She probably likes you, too; even if you're shy it can be nice to chat to people and make friends and have fun. She is usually calm, often quiet, sometimes cheerful, and always curious. Here on the Island, she's become an explorer, of places and patterns; collecting data and statistics, making maps and tables. Back in the UK, she was studying to become a hospital-X-ray-machines technician.

For the past year or so, she's not often been seen in towns or meeting people. Reclusive to the point of appearing antisocial, spending much time wandering the wilds, scrap-mining, rebuilding or working at home. But please feel free to visit and explore at [

Buddleia calls herself a Human. After all, she doesn't have green-glow eyes or a top hat or a dangerous grin or game-playing tendencies or alarming powers.

She has also bloody-mindedly avoided making a DriveKill for more than a year, both of gamedays and of time, but that's another story. Or maybe it's the same story from a different angle.

KIND is about playing nicely, having fun, making friends, and helping people. We're inactive at the moment, but everyone is welcome to come and visit the little tower at the crossroads [14,8] for exploring, food, adventures, sleep, or playing!

REFERENCE FILES: - Official Rookie Advisory, good info for new players - advice on making a character and friends here - the Advanced Roleplaying guide - all the pretty colours - about houses/buildings, logs and stones - Where's that building and who's that owner? Find it here - the reference index: list and links of lots more useful docs

Click the Enquirer link below to find out more about Buddleia, or see for more story logs in googledocs. Distract me if you'd like to chat or play!

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Pinata PunisherReally Awesome KissPerfect TimingFriend of the Hedgehogs
Pervy Kitten FancierStrategy SeekerMaiko's Meat SchoolSplit-Second Savant
Bearer of the MapCryptic AnswersMuseum MarketeerMaster of the Metronome
Cuthbert's Academy of Lingual DefenceSupreme Crate FinderSkronky DisasterFailcake Fancier
Emily Bundle SupporterCreator Bundle  

Hohner Harmonica in a silver presentation case
Engraved on the back of the case: <To Buddleia, with thanks for the help and support.--Mongo

Defender of Quality Badge
A button in the shape of a silvery shield, embossed with the "Latin" E Qwertyus Asdfus.

Shiny Sparklebutton
Limpet shell trinket from Crescent Beach Titan Fightin' Lodge

Dud Grenade
You hold in your hand what looks like an old BANG grenade, though there are some obvious differences. For one, there is a purple ribbon tied around it. It also seems a bit light.

Origami Crane
An origami crane folded from a small square of heavy white paper. It smells of pine, jasmine, and chrysanthemums.

Bell Jar
A small dark blue bell jar, twisted into a simple oak base with an M burnt into it. Only the owner knows what's inside.

Duct tape roll
A standard 48 mm, 55 meter long roll of glossy grey duct tape. How practical!

Crap Meat
This is what the locals affectionately call "Crap Meat." It's mostly wobbling chunks of stinking yellow fat, intermingled with the occasional squirmy tendon. Micha prepared it especially for you.

Awesome Sauce
A genuine bottle of awsome sauce distilled from 42 secret ingredients for your condimentory pleasure.

Day Pass to the Bingo Hall
It's a free day pass to the Bingo Hall! Wait, isn't that place already free? The date on the corner is smudged, and the signature a genuine forgery.

Spade Star
A little thing, small and fragile, but bright and shiny. It looks awfully like the ones found at the Laughing Spade's Ferris Wheel, doesn't it?

Glorious Bastard trophy
A small piece of slightly glowing metal, welded to a bronze base. There are words carved into the metal: Glorious Bastard. Carved into the base, in small letters, is the name of the Bastard who holds it.

Richter's Tome of Improbable Diseases, Illnesses, and Maladies
This leather-bound book bears the symbol of a Four-Headed Caduceus. Stamped in silver and red letters are the words: RICHTER'S IMPROBABLE DIAGNOSTIC REFERENCE MANUAL: A Guide to Improbable Diseases, Illnesses, Injuries, Maladies, and Other Unfortunate Conditions.

The thing looks battered and well-used, but remains very whole and sound. On the back is a small message:
To heal and make whole the inhabitants of a place most unusual and amazing, but also wrought with challenges and horror. May this book be your guide to helping others - X. M. Richter.

Richter's Guide To Improbable Anatomies
This leather-bound book bears the symbol of what appears to be a Vitruvian Man, it seems that each time you gaze upon it, the body has changed: A Vitruvian KittyMorph, then a Vitruvian Midget...a Vitruvian Centaur?!?

Engraved in gold and red letters are the words:
RICHTER'S GUIDE TO IMPROBABLE ANATOMIES: A Treatise to the Body and Internal System Designs of the Races of Improbable Island. The book looks worn and dog-eared, but the more you handle it, the more clear it is to you that this lexicon is sound and whole.

On the back is a small message: To understand the problem, you must first be familiar with your patient.
"May this book be your guide to learning and understanding the races of this island most unique, and prepare your mind for the coming endeavors at hand. - X. M. Richter.

Ludwig's Easter Egg
An Easter egg, lavishly decorated with hand painted pastoral scenes and Christian iconography beneath a skein of gold filigree, set with tiny cabochons of sapphire, topaz, and amethyst. A tag hangs from the egg, embossed in gold in a fine hand.

Micha's Special Hooch
A wide-mouthed jar filled with potent amber whiskey. Holding it up to the light catches a sparkling glint around the edges.

a small portable radio
It's a small radio with a wood pattern. Tiny vines creep from the speaker and moss grows on the sides. On the back, you can see a small scrap of paper duct-taped firmly.

Improbably Burny Straw
Forged from Failboat straws and Improbability Bomb plastic, this item warms up any good cup of hot cocoa while lighting up your mug even in the darkest downpour of a Failboat cruise. A small Mouldywarp shaped like Cthulu on a gold banner decorates this as a Hotel Titanic Collectable.

***Mysterious Spectral Flute***
This is an old, engraved metal flute. The metal is unlike anything you have seen, a deep dark blue that seems dark and flat in the daylight, but appears silver and shimmers wistfully in the moonlight.

Truly a mystery...

Carter's Cottage Bath House Robe
This super-soft terrycloth robe is waist-length and is perfect for lounging around at the bath house, the Ebony Rock Sauna, or any other place where you enjoy water sports. The Carter's Cottage emblem is embroidered on the right breast.

Volunteer Badge
This badge, a pair of small, crossed spoons with the word Volunteer welded onto the front, marks the wearer as a generous and kind-hearted contributor to Soup and Pants Charity Kitchen.

Glowing Crystal
A Crystal fragment from the Cave lake found deep within the Light Circle. It Glows bright enough to light a path in front of you, yet is soft on your eyes.

Wisp of air
A small wisp of air floats around this contestant's head. It's only there if you squint just right in just the right light. It seems to change colors, and fade in and out of existence.

Ice Cold Coca Cola
A curvy glass bottle filled with some bubbly liquid, and sealed with a metal cap. It's so cold there's ice gathering on it.

Meerschaum Pipe
An ornately crafted Meerschaum pipe depicting a demon claw grasping a skull. That slowly darkens from white to dark brown with use.

A small bag of strong tobacco is also contained within a leather pouch .

Tray of Brownies
A well-worn metal pan of warm, chewy brownies, covered with plastic wrap. They smell fresh from the oven and delicious.

Titan Defense Team Badge
This simple copper badge is ringed with silver and bears the image of a giant bipedal beast with a crimson line through it. Around the edge, etched in the silver, is the following inscription:


Wrapped Condom
The wrapper is bright pink and reads "Improbable Island Ice Rink". On the back, a yellow happy face is surrounded by the slogan: DON'T FORGET TO TAPE YOUR STICK.

Numptical Carp

It's a dead carp on a plaque.
Glass eye leering, its fishy lips turn up in a horrible smirk. How... erm, lovely.

There's a small brass plate attached to the base, with some sort of poem written on it.

Bag of Sand
A simple sandbag, suitable for building a wall with or for use in the theft of golden idols.

It is heavy and full of sand. There's not much more to say.

Miniature Outpost Reclamation Facility
This is a remarkably detailed replica of the large mad scientist's tower mounted on the cliff just south of CC404.

In addition to reminding you not to sleep in CC404, this figurine can light your ciggies for you with a blast from the main gun!

A large round hat box.
The hat box is decorated with broad green and purple vertical stripes and has a large bow affixed to the top.

There is a label on the side which reads "
Puzzleland Crown: (11,32)"

One of Makiwa's marbles.
A small but surprisingly heavy glass marble. Perhaps Makiwa needs it back. No one should be without their marbles for too long after all.

leather wallet full of smudged, battered old playing cards
A handsome folder of tooled leather, just the right size to hold a few curiously worn, grubby scraps of pasteboard.

It's bulging with a full deck of cards and a couple of railway tickets.

A Small Wooden Pigeon
At first glance, this seems to be a one-in-a-dozen woodcraft. But it isn't. There's some space in front of the neck, maybe you can try to move it.

An Brick From The Wall
It looks like a generic brick, But it contains the power to ruin every scene possible..

It makes a soft, humming noise. Care to investigate?

Lippy's Mirth Hovel Matchbook
Yes, a lighter is more effective and durable and lasts longer and isn't ruined when it gets wet, but there's nothing like the nostalgia of a good old book of matches! This particular pack shows you paid the Mirth Hovel a visit. Or mugged someone who did.

A White Box of Delicious Chocolate Cake
It's a pretty, White, square, Box, smelling strongly of Chocolate.

Tiny Paper Umbrella
When beachside establishments have these, you know they're serious about it. Look how colorful and festive it is!

Sword of Askekeng
It looks like a real sword. It's pointy, and everything. You found it in some creepy underground tomb, so it has to be some kind of magical relic.

Too bad it's only three inches long.

a little piece of sea-smoothed glass
Plucked from the shade of a bent-backed tree where a dried up riverbed brims with grasses and weeds. It's beer-bottle green, and when the light catches it just so, you can almost watch the waves.

Fresh and fragrant as the day it was picked, this little flower reminds you of the cool breezes and lush greenery of the meadow in Skyhaven.

Party Hat!
A conical party hat made with sky blue paper and covered in whichever colorful design you chose out of the massive pile. Shiny silver ribbon sewn to shimmery gossamer attached to the top resembles a frilly fish fin.

A Firefly
A small winged beetle of the family Lampyridae. It has orange and black wing covers, and its abdomen flashes a pale green light.

Puzzle Piece
You pick up a flattish object with squiggly edges. It's a single piece of a jigsaw puzzle!

A Moonshadow
You look behind you, and there on the grass is a shadow cast by the moon.

Within the shadow, each blade of grass, each tiny wildflower petal, every visible detail is limned with silvery light.

Highland Heat
Judging by the well-oiled bronzed barbarian with a broadsword and a kilt who looks straight at you with brooding eyes, this romance novel by Kayla Bliss has taken the Objectification of Scotsmen to new levels.

Grape Growler
A half-liter wine bottle made of dark indigo glass shaped like a cluster of grapes. The cork is attached to a pair of grape leaves made of dark green glass.

Picture of Mongo
Color picture of Mongo commemorating his One Thousandth Abandoned Factory Run.

A Freshwater Pearl
You hold in your hand a cloudy-white, perfectly round, freshwater pearl.

A Shiny thing!
Looks like you found something shiny. Better hide it before someone steals your precious shiny thing.

Improbable Scout Handbook
A slim book bound in hippo-hide, with Improbable Scout Handbook printed across the front. The front page says that handbooks and scout badges are available at (9,4), just outside NewHome. Well, this sounds like fun!

Candy Sword
A Candy Sword, about five foot long. The candy blade takes up four feet of the length, and the center is made with a thin line of taffy. The sword is made in a jawbreaker fashion, so as you fight and it chips, more colors and flavors appear!

A grapefruit-sized clear glass sphere. Shake it like a snowglobe ...but the tiny multicolored floating motes inside aren't snowflakes; they're jigsaw puzzle pieces!

The Viking's Bride
This romance novel from Kayla Bliss features a hardy Viking warrior in chainmail armor set against a bleak winter background with a Dragonship upon the tempestuous sea in the distance. He bears a striking resemblence to a contestant...

Copy of Reginald Percival Whistle IV, Emeritus, Finds the Sensual Clues
A softcover book by the Island's most infamous (and only) Self-Insertion Erotic Fiction author. The cover displays a man in an eyepatch and a fine tweed suit kicking a felt crown capped teenager so hard in the hind end he's weeping blood. Hm.

Paper Butterfly
A palm-sized butterfly cut out of colorful construction paper and decorated with glitter glue and googly eyes. It's smiling at you!

Tea Cup
A delicate, white porcelain cup is patterned with blue jungle flowers. Green vines twist between the flowers, painted as if to seem that they flow over the edge of the bowl. The handle is carefully molded to look like curling leaf twisted about a branch.

Survival Serviette
A pack of napkins specifically for use in the wilderness. Made from the wood pulp left in Suzie's Carpentry boxes, these well-made wipers won't be the softest touch to your unprotected posterior, but they're better than a sprig of Hawton's Ivy.

Volunteer Sticker
A sparkly purple sticker, labeled Volunteer!, to show that you volunteered your time to help Rookies and eat cookies. You truly are a hero.

Soup & Pants Care Package
A burlap sack, rather heavy, stuffed with supplies and goodies useful for new Contestants. Assembled with care at the Soup & Pants Volunteer Party.

Black Dog
An enormous hound - it follows you around, refusing to make eye contact or obey commands. You can't seem to shake it off or lose it, no matter how hard you try.

"You're Awesome" Badge
A circular metal badge, seemingly beaten out of a req token, given to you by Aken, with the phrase:
"You're Awesome"
written on it in big letters.

Awesome Things About This Player
2 Points in Witty Wordsmith
Parodies, puns, jokes, stories, all fall into their domain.

1 Point in Improbably Successful
Don't tell them the odds.

1 Point in Welcome Wagon

1 Point in Calm and Still
This contestant shows a Zen-like ability to keep their head while all around them are losing theirs.

8 Points in Mood Lifter
Brings smiles where frowns sat before.

1 Point in Master Builder
A frequent guest at Dwelling-raisings.

1 Point in Cool Cat
pretty fly for a fictitious guy.

1 Point in Daredevil
Point them in the direction of the impossible!

4 Points in Helping Hand
Having a hard time? They'll be around shortly.

3 Points in Open Mind
But not so open their brains fall out.

3 Points in Dependable Friend
Need a place to crash, a drink to quench your thirst, a bandage in that hard-to-reach spot? You know who to call.

4 Points in Warm Heart
Kind, caring, willing to help, and always sympathetic.

1 Point in Always the Altruist
So generous they'll give you the shirt off their back. And their trousers, if you ask nicely.

1 Point in Action Sequencer
This person knows how to set up a jaw-dropping action scene. Lights, camera, AWESOME!

3 Points in Modest but Awesome
Refuses to acknowledge their amazing-ness.

1 Point in Resourceful Roleplayer
Supplied by the contents of monsters' pockets and stomachs, this contestant's motto is "waste not, want not."

1 Point in Mad Scientist
Mad, I tell you! MAD!

2 Points in Gratuitously Geeky
For the super smart, or the cognitively crazed.

1 Point in Naughty but Nice
There's a heart of gold in there.

3 Points in Life of the Party
If they're here, you know things are going to be fun.

1 Point in Derring Doer
Displaying daring deeds in desperate disasters, a defender of all damsels in distress.

1 Point in Yard Decorator
They make Dwellings pretty.

3 Points in Fiery Passion
Trust your feelings.

1 Point in Inimitable Style
There can only be one, and this is them.

1 Point in Quietly Brilliant
Doesn't say much, but when they do, everyone listens.

1 Point in Fuzzball
Exemplar of the Kittymo-ooh, something shiny!

1 Point in Ad-lib Mad Lips
This contestant is never prepared, and never needs to be!

1 Point in Delightfully Mad
Some contestants are completely bonkers, and this one is bonkers in a good way.

1 Point in Ingenious Inventor
You've gotta wonder where this contestant gets those wonderful toys...

2 Points in Chronic Chrononaut
To this contestant, new days are just a blur.

Recent accomplishments (and defeats) of Buddleia
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