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Welcome to Improbable Island

Improbable Island is a silly MMORPG that runs on the Legend of the Green Dragon engine. Legend of the Green Dragon is a remake of the classic BBS Door Game Legend of the Red Dragon.Adventure into probably the silliest MMORPG you'll ever play!
Current game time:
8:36 pm

Next Game Day in:
0h, 33m, 56s

Online Characters (68 players):
Emily Hart
Just the Lea
Pirate Queen Carlynne
Captain James (Jim) Marrins
Rememberer Dawn Newell
Monster Hunter Laharl
Lost in Jack Smythe
Miss OL Charlotte Akitsu
Jest Joking, Kage C
Volt Step Flarehawk
Unseeing Eyes Zackary
Warden Dresden
Modified Brewer Catalyst
Cater Kater Widdershins
Locust Crop Fish
Fluffy Kitsune
Half-Incubus Josh Fuggit
Contender Alisa
Your Grace
Gunslinger Kaiaku
A New Perspective for Leverett
Full of Grace, Lena
Lance Corporal Gast
Caroline Taylor
Bartender Mr Pachuco
Pained Sally Slivel
Gods This Hurts Seraphim
Smiles, fangs and all, Vuk
Generally Foxy Kuroko
Devon Ross
Neo is Something in Latin
Returning Contestant Shep
Babe With The Power Asha
Serpent Chesha
Narrative Praco
Gem mother Host DeathBird
Vexing Bastard Xev
Contestant ElricEhran
Biting WindRapier
Blackjack Jack Smythe
Elan vital Harlan Fenn
Stone Cold Sturdy Nathaniel
Pointy Hanna
Killer Kew
Improbable General PollyKarpik
Aeolian Phenopteryx
Finn Colby
dark knight
Dylan Spangles
Erratic Medic Shi
Off To Sea Once More Tinkerbinker
Pansy Sniffer Tamar

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Game Design and Code: Copyright © 2002-2005, Eric Stevens & JT Traub, © 2006-2007, Dragonprime Development Team
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