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Welcome to Improbable Island

Improbable Island is a silly MMORPG that runs on the Legend of the Green Dragon engine. Legend of the Green Dragon is a remake of the classic BBS Door Game Legend of the Red Dragon.Adventure into probably the silliest MMORPG you'll ever play!
Current game time:
5:52 pm

Next Game Day in:
1h, 01m, 16s

Online Characters (76 players):
Horror V'toly Grippl
Rainboo Zoo
Miss OL Charlotte Akitsu
Awoo~ Flarehawk
Samurai Smyth
Cyborg Josh Fuggit
Matilda and Modesty
Lost in Jack Smythe
Bruised Beauty Darrein
Returning Contestant Finesse
Confused Nuke
Dead White and Boo Malverius
healerfighter bookwormsteve
Sensible Madman
Effervescent Escemfer
Devon Ross
Barista Jaxon
Second Lieutenant Jackie Krystal
Ol' One Eye Byakko
Sharpshooter Avrel
New 'Do, Same Old Meara
Hunter Trevor
Neon Fen
Pained Sally Slivel
Tale The Lost
Erratic Medic Shi
Barking Mad Kulgree
Lydia Nightshade
Not exactly normal Vermis
Awakened Dylan
Get Wrenched! Jon Titania
Civilian TMLutas
Rainbow Arodang
Kiltic Warrior Hawkeye Hanlon
Drake Legacy Seraph Viralis
Contestant Yomama
Warrant Officer Shep
The Improbable DSWilson
Corporal McDerp
Golden Sunshine
Isle Child Praco
Faded Dream Tinkerbinker
Purrfectly Normal forkdish
Contender Ellle
Mother of Glory, Brownie
Orange Autumn Lillian
Hunting Lea
Blackjack Jack Smythe
Surprisingly sweet Lemons
Elan vital Harlan Fenn
Citizen Joanne
Contestant Rellim
Not That Kind Of Doctor
Bubblegum Rickles
Lover Boy Vinny
Pansy Sniffer Tamar
The Library
Saber-toothed Kaiaku
Grand Lord Elevated Badass of the Gods Reimsill
Babi Zz' Creyn
Masked Ceranita
dark knight
Oink oinks Zoinks
Three Shades of Meenos

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