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Welcome to Improbable Island

Improbable Island is a silly MMORPG that runs on the Legend of the Green Dragon engine. Legend of the Green Dragon is a remake of the classic BBS Door Game Legend of the Red Dragon.Adventure into probably the silliest MMORPG you'll ever play!
Current game time:
3:11 pm

Next Game Day in:
1h, 28m, 04s

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Online Characters (19 players):
Extreme Badass Sticks
Star Guardian Nova
The Odd One, Mike Sandersman
Grand Master Badass of Most Awesome Destruction Rucin
Rediculously Dashing
The Spider-free Somati
Chancellor Badass wade
Warrant Officer Boyd
Hug Admiral Quinn
Returning Contestant Newt
Returning Contestant Idolo
Barewolf Kulgree
Guess Who's Lora
A Wild Zangoose
Mega Ultra Hyper pinrut
Grand Master Badass of Fury Ytrewq

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