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Welcome to Improbable Island

Improbable Island is a silly MMORPG that runs on the Legend of the Green Dragon engine. Legend of the Green Dragon is a remake of the classic BBS Door Game Legend of the Red Dragon.Adventure into probably the silliest MMORPG you'll ever play!
Current game time:
4:21 am

Next Game Day in:
3h, 16m, 23s

Online Characters (44 players):
Gabriel the wingless
Contestant Mr Pachuco
Citizen Tanuki
Veteran Stand-Up Lippy McGrath
Biolumina Flarehawk
Civilian ace
Double Dose of Quinn
Lieutenant General Jiras
dark knight
Mended Soul Rukatin
Badass Gryndel
Returning Contestant Aethion
Contender Ghrast
Senior Magicologist Duk
Returning Contestant Ireth
Queen Badass einalem
Citizen Egg
Wandering Mage Jericho Rukatin
Grand lord CEO Eggbert
Contender Newbert
Contender Miantcub
Blackjack Jack Smythe
In a disapproving manner, Omega
I.T. Demon Asha
Someone had better buy a custom title for Sharai
Killer Kew
Joseph Street
Fox Fox Fox Fox Arken Feyl
Manolo Cicero
Corporal Daz
Simply Dorien

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