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Petition ID 71: Weapon Buffs
Submitted Fri, 21 Oct 2011 22:56:22 UTC

It's a problem with weapons with a certain time frame of buffs, such as the Plasma Gun or the Force Generator, each with a certain amount of rounds in which they give you a buff. When you buy anything Sheila's, it resets the buff.

An example: Say I had another 40 something rounds on my Plasma Gun, and then saved up enough to buy some shiny armor. I buy the armor, while still keeping the Plasma Gun, and then all of a sudden I have another 100 rounds to go for the Plasma Gun before it goes out.

Buy a round specific item, Plasma Gun or Force Generator in my case, then buy anything else from Sheila's. This should do the trick, provided you aren't replacing the weapon or armor in question, which is obvious.

Noticed it a few DKs ago, chalked it up to glitch, then it started happening again and again, then sent a petition.

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