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Petition ID 382: Lotsa Devastator Bullets Reset after Buying New Armor
Submitted Wed, 21 Dec 2011 23:02:25 UTC

What - Any time I buy armor, the Lotsa Devastator Bullets buff resets. I tried selling and rebuying armor to see if it was just a one time occurence, but the buff reappeared again.

How - While having the Devastator 11500 equipped, purchase Armor at Sheila's Shack O' Shiny. I'm not sure if this works for the smaller Devastator, or with any other weapon for that matter.

Where - Any Shiela's Shack O' Shiny.

When - This is the first time I had noticed it with a direct cause, but I think I have had this happen a few times before (I just wasn't actively anticipating it). I recall having seemingly inexplicable amounts of Devastator Bullets.

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