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Petition ID 248: Barn Raisers do not work for gathering materials
Submitted Tue, 22 Nov 2011 01:18:34 UTC

WHAT: I hear that the no-stamina-needed function of Barn Raisers only applies to travel and building, not to logging or mining. In, CMJ said: "Also... okay yeah, since a few folks lost some big stacks of stuff in their Stores, any Barn Raisers used from now will also give you Travel and Gathering for free."

Also, apparently they only work if you're in green stamina.

(And do not give any XP for building.)

HOW: Activate a Barn Raiser, I presume. (I've been waiting for a good time to use mine, planning to spend time logging and mining to make up the materials I lost and to get enough for all the new Pages and Doors of this wonderful new system.)

WHEN: CMJ's comment on Friday 9th September. I heard about this 22nd November.

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