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Petition ID 246: Cannot export commentary from some areas (possibly related to pet# 63)
Submitted Mon, 21 Nov 2011 20:01:55 UTC

WHAT: In some areas, I get a "You're not in any commentary area right now" when I try to export commentary. I have tried from the PSK, and from in IC, and a few sites on the map, and in SQ, and in Booz, and in PV. Well, those few hundred pages of chat, not to mention the "export" buttons, would suggest that I am in a commentary area. (It does work on the Failboat and in Places.)

HOW: Go to PSK
> Chat with regulars
> Click on "export commentary" button

In IC, scroll down
> Click on Export


WHERE: in the PSK:
In the new tab:

In IC:
Clicking export:

WHEN: I made an export a few weeks ago, and it worked fine.

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