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Petition ID 192: Mini-Hall-O'-Fame score in fights does not update on time
Submitted Mon, 07 Nov 2011 06:17:09 UTC

It appears that the small hall of fame snippet that you get after actions (And possibly the actual hall of fame) does not update as soon as your place is changed, but does show the difference between and the person who was over your score, and now is under it. (but still over you in rank.)

I have fought two different Titans over the course of about six thousand combat rounds on a good Joker day, and as shown in , I jumped over Dastardly Derander in Standard Fighting experience, but he still remains over me in rank. This was changed after about two minutes, I did not click anything between the time it changed and the time I noticed the bug.

I do remember seeing it on an earlier occasion. I think it was before the new Hall O' Fame
I do not have the URL from before the bug thing occured, but I have c=1295-061002

Perhaps this is not a bug, but an intended behaviour, as to not make the Hall O' Fame resource-draining. Apologies in this case.

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