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Petition ID 180: Lock Door Contraption doesn't seem to work
Submitted Fri, 04 Nov 2011 16:30:55 UTC

The lock door contraption doesn't lock the door.
See the debugging below

Running program ID 769, 'Lock VIP <9 visits' at Room ID 1208, 'Upper right hallway'
Contrivance: Memory Part Less at row 1, column 1 says: Currently set to pass if digit 1 in Volcano general is less than 9
Success at row 1 column 1
Row 1 passed OK
Contraption: Lock Door at row 2, column 1 says: Currently set to lock Door ID 914
Success at row 2 column 1
Row 2 passed OK
Row 3 passed OK

I've checked the door number 914 [Door ID 914, leading from Upper right hallway (RoomID 1208) to VIP guest room (RoomID 1231)] which is correct.

This happens everytime

Active Volcano (21,36)

As of today, when I made the program.

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